Ancilla - Whats in a name?

Ancilla is Italian for maiden. We are an Italian made cosmetics line that is manufactured in Milan. Why is that significant?

Most of the cosmetics sold in the US are manufactured in China. Few companies will invest in the superior ingredients and strict European guidelines. And yeah, many of these companies have French and Italian names. Many are labeled with designer monikers and have to die for packaging. But, what you are putting on your skin is what we are about.

We have the finest ingredients and phenomenal formulations made with your high expectations in mind.

We want you to be blown away with the first swipe of our luscious lipsticks. Or our incredible line of baked shadows and bronzers. Not to mention our exquisite Singular Luxury eyeshadows. The list goes on and on.

You will notice we do not carry some items that you will usually find standard in many cosmetics lines. We are growing and expanding the line to include more to choose from. We will add new products as we formulate THE PERFECT PENCIL, etc.

Our prices reflect the saving we are passing on to you by eschewing the To Die For packaging et al.

We hope you enjoy shopping and discovering the beauty that is Ancilla!